Work done and average power metrics

Graph your work and power over time

Track your workouts, view metrics at a glance

Precise digital timers with built-in round counters

Load your gym's workout of the day*

Share your workouts on Facebook

90+ movements to choose from

Popular benchmark and hero workouts

* for participating gyms only

wodfusion is a next generation performance tracking app for Crossfit-style and strength workouts. Using the laws of physics, it quickly calculates your work and average power for any workout that you can dream of. It allows you to track your workouts and automatically calculates performance metrics (work, power, projected 1 rep max) for those workouts. These metrics can be graphed over time, allowing you to visualize your improvement. wodfusion also has digital timers with built-in round counters that allow you to visualize your times for each individual round.

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